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Aged Care Development Application Vineys/Quarry Rd, Dural


A development application has been submitted to Hornsby Council for the development of an Aged Care Facility at 3 Quarry Road and 4 Vineys Road, Dural.

We understand the site is being developed by the Sunglow Group.

The proposed development consists of:

Eight (8) x 2-3 level buildings incorporating:

  • 146 x independent living units in total (ILUs) in total;
  • 74 x residential care units (RCUs) in total;
  • 424m2 allocated to a bar, café, restaurant and kitchen on the ground floor;
  • 155m2 allocated to a cinema on the ground floor;
  • 241m2 allocated to office and library space on the ground floor;
  • 135m2 allocated to a spa and gym on the ground levelOf the 146 living units, there are 71 x 2 bedroom units and 75 x 3 bedroom units.

The development proposes to provide a total of 383 car parking spaces over three basement levels and ground level, with 337 spaces for independent living unit use and 46 spaces for the residential care use.Statements from  the Transport Impact Statement Conclusion should be noted:

  • The site is expected to generate up to 77 vehicle movements in any peak hour.
  • Even without the additional traffic from the development, upgrades are required at Old Northern Roads intersection with New Line Road, Quarry Road and Vineys Road to accommodate the anticipated 2028 traffic volumes.
  • Once the intersections are upgraded with the required upgrades, the additional traffic from the proposed development is expected to have a negligible impact on these intersections.

If you wish to comment on this DA application, please go to www.hornsby.nsw.gov.au, look up the DA tracking and enquiry system and search DA/668/2018. You can comment online or by letter. Submissions must be in by 24/09/2018