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Annagrove Public School Students raise $6,511.53 and heart rates!

Annangrove Public School students have raised $6,511.53  for their school after hosting a CUA School Fun Run on  21/09/2017.  

In the lead-up to the event, students pounded  the pavement and raised funds online by seeking sponsorship  from their local community.

CUA School Fun Run organiser, Kylie, said the teachers were excited to get  behind a fundraising activity that promoted such a healthy interaction with  the community and taught kids about setting and achieving financial goals.

Parents enthusiastically supported the initiative as it steered their kids  away from traditional fundraising efforts which often involve selling junk  food. The CUA School Fun Run program also provides students and  families with additional tools and practical advice from the online health  hub to encourage ongoing healthy habits at home.

Other schools can find more information on hosting a  CUA School Fun Run, or register their interest at www. schoolfundraising.com.au.