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Arcadian Artists Exhibition and Trail 2018


Just Breathe

It is so hard in this modern age to take time to breathe. It sounds strange that we must even contemplate the concept of breathing. It should be so natural, so automatic. But there is breathing for survival, and there is breathing for relaxation and connectedness. If we are to thrive in this fast paced and stressful world it is important that we have time to recuperate and ‘top up the tank’. Making space in your life for self-care is not an optional extra, it is essential.

10 of the best ways to rejuvenate are:

1. Spend a fun day with good friends

2. Take a drive in the country

3. Absorb creative surroundings

4. Immerse yourself in beauty

5. Buy a treat for yourself or someone you love

6. Expand your view of the world

7. Eat yummy food

8. Watch someone do something that inspires you

9. Go at your own pace

10. Meet new and interesting people

The Arcadian Artists Trail and Exhibition will accomplish all these things. 50 superb artists will intrigue and delight you as you travel to 8 different rural settings to see their open studios.

Tick off your list with a visit on 10th – 11th November 2018. Entry is free to each of the 8 venues. Studios are open to the public 9am – 5:00 on both Saturday and Sunday. An information booth is set up on Galston outside our sponsor, the Bendigo Bank. Follow the signs and arrows to the studios or hop on line for a map.

Our website is www.arcadianartists.com.au