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Art Appreciation at Hills Grammar

Local resident, Jenny Carden, is inspiring Hills Grammar parents with her ‘Art Appreciation’ addition to the School’s Learning Lounge program.

Jenny, who has taught at the School for over 20 years, currently works with Junior students as a specialist Art teacher. Often working out of the Yurt, a unique building nestled in the bush and designed to inspire creativity, Jenny enjoys seeing the imaginations of children flourish. 

In line with the School’s Graduate aim, the Learning Lounge program is curated to foster critical and creative thinking and promote a life-long learning journey for parents.

This particular series focuses on the acquired artworks on display in the Nexus building, which was formerly the School’s library.

During the walkthrough, Jenny points out various pieces on display in the building, including artwork created by young students which were selected by Operation Art.

One-piece, created by a Kindergarten student, became part of the Westmead Children’s Hospital permanent collection, which the School is lucky to be “borrowing for a little while.”

Next in the collection is a piece by Melbourne-based artist Jacqui Stockdale, called ‘The Rider’, which was purchased at the School’s Art Show a number of years ago. Jenny notes that she can see elements that are seemingly inspired by Australian artist, Margaret Olley, in particular, that “there’s lots of symbolism in here about woman’s role in society.”

Jenny’s extraordinary passion for art is reflected every day in her teaching, from encouraging students to step outside and observe the natural world, to engaging school parents via the Learning Lounge program.

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