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Aussie Filmmaker Takes on America


It’s not every day that Australia produces a full length children’s film and it’s even less frequent when the entire project is funded by a 27 year old from Brisbane. That’s the case for Zombie Bro, an independent feature film that brings the undead to life for children of all ages. Led by director, May Grehan and co-producer, Claudia Pickering, Zombie Bro is currently winning awards around the world, including “Best Young Actors” at the Canadian International Comedy Film Festival.

The story focuses on a household in the suburbs, who have a zombie in the family, 10 year old Teddie (played by Cooper Flynn), and his younger sister Francine (Lauren Grego) who must convince her mum and dad that their favourite son is a zombie… before he eats them all! Funny and playful, Zombie Bro is a light-hearted take on the undead, a self-proclaimed “zomedy”.

The majority of the shoot took place in a suburban house in Cherrybrook, New South Wales. “We were really lucky to score a place on Air BnB. It was a lovely brick family home that we rented for a week at Kristine Place. The best part was that the home belonged to a really big family, and it suited the script to a tee.” Fronting up the money to produce Zombie Bro was a bold move for Grehan, who is more familiar in front of the camera than behind it. “I’d been in Sydney for three years as an actor and after a while, when opportunity hadn’t come knocking, it was time to pave my own path in the industry as a writer, director and producer. So I worked hard, saved up and went for it.” A culturally diverse cast adds to a film that is performed by kids, for kids, with a “Matilda” meets “Shaun of the Dead” story that will resonate in children.
Zombie Bro is next showing at the Action On Film Festival (Las Vegas) in July and at Gen Con (Indianapolis) in August. Grehan hopes to use it’s success as a stepping stone into the industry.