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Bivianos Celebrates 20 Years

Not only did COVID mean the cancellation of the Hills Annual Charity Gala Ball, but it also meant Bivianos planned celebrations for 20 Years has also been curtailed.  Not to be defeated completely, Bivianos organised a special dinner to celebrate.  OAM Dr Jim Taggart gave a short speech to remember the charities who have been part of the Bivianos Charity Gala Ball history.  These included the Sanctuary, the Gray Centre, Riding for the Disabled and Foster Care Angels. 

The Hills Shire Mayor said that even though social distancing made the attendance less, it highlighted the “sense of community” by people still enthusiastically attending.

Feted among the guests was the Hills Police Superintendent Jason Joyce; CEO of Evolve Housing Lyall Gorman, Foster Care Angels director Kelly Doyle, Wealth Shift Director Carolyn Pritchard and Master Jeweller Robert Cliff.

First time diner at Bivianos Selina Khoo said she was impressed with the quality of food and enjoyed the atmosphere. “I loved it, it’s such a great setting, and the food was seriously delicious.”

Bivianos is currently preparing for Father’s Day celebrations set to happen on Sunday September 6. Lunch will be served from 11.30am and Dinner will begin from 5.30pm. Essential bookings can be made on www.bivianosdural.com or call (02)9651 2022.

The Degustation Wine Dinner will be held on October 15, and the Melbourne Cup “The Cup Cocktail Party” will be held on November 3.

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