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Bowls For Anyone?

The Dural Country Club’s Drawn Mixed triples has been won by Larry Gillespie, Marelle Saunders and Ray Vindin, (left),who played super bowls to defeat Keith McGill, Judith Harris and Richard Thorp who could not withstand the consistency of the winners.

The bowlers are especially pleased that in their midst they have Arthur, a ninety year old who is still a master lead, Carl, a wheel-chair bowler who can play anywhere and a couple of young men who are currently in the top few.

Young Ben is currently Club Champion (again) and Richard who won last year. Photo shows Arthur holding his stick and bowler’s arm with which he plays, only using the wheelchair to conserve energy between ends, with Carl who plays in the chair and has considerable success in special events around the state. 
At 42 Karen Murphy is the oldest lady in Australia’s Commonwealth games team, her fifth games, the world Champion of Club Champions is 22, so it seems bowling in all those advertisements for retirement villages are only half the story.
It is sensible to start a physically and mentally challenging sport while the body is at its best so the rewards of skill come sooner and last longer. If you would like free coaching, contact 0432 181 635 or 0411 375 580.