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Camp Quality

By Carol Russell

At the Rotary Club of West Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook weekly meeting, Amy McAneney, the Recreation Program Co-ordinator and Laura Milhouse, Family Respite and Intake Manager for Camp Quality attended.

Camp Quality is a recipient of a portion of the presents gratefully left under the Tree of Joy run by the Club and Cherrybrook Shopping Village prior to Christmas.

Camp Quality has been operating in Australia for over 35 years. They are present during many family’s toughest moments and truly see first-hand the effects of childhood cancer that nobody talks about.

Last year Stanley Baseley of the Rotary Club of West Pennant Hills & Cherrybrook stepped in with Tree of Joy to help bring the magic of Christmas back to some of the well-deserving families who otherwise might see little joy at that time of the year.

To see the happiness of a child receiving a gift is beyond words, Amy commented.

From the generosity of the community and the Rotary Club for co-ordinating the Tree of Joy, Camp Quality was able to give amazing presents to approximately 45 children. Delivering these gifts personally allows Amy and Laura to see the impact of the kindness of our local community on the faces of these children.

They believe Laughter is the Best Medicine, and judging by the beautiful smiles of both girls, they alone light up the faces of the children they come in contact with.

Camp Quality thanked you, the community and the Rotary Club, for what you do for our local communities.