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Celebrating International Women’s day at Dural RFS

Celebrating International Women’s Day Dural has had a rich history with women involved with the Brigade, starting circa 1975, through to the mid 80’s with Jan Bevan, Lyn Bradburn and Dorothy Shinfield. 

Whilst not front line fire fighters, these women were involved as Callout Officers, Relief Crew transport and Catering amongst other activities. They were followed by Angela and Vikki in the 90’s as the first female members active on the fireground.They were joined later by Karen, Deirdre, Shona, Joanna, Victoria, Susan, Robyn, Eliza, Bec and Rebecca, all as active Members making a valuable contribution to the Brigade and the RFS.
Rebecca, Michelle, Jess, Fiona and Courtney (absent) continue this tradition as highly skilled Members, wearing the recently released uniforms available for the first time in sizing cut for women.

Thank you to all of the women of the Dural RFB who make such a valuable contribution every day of the year.