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Cherrybrook Residents Urge NSW Government Release Development Plans for New Metro Station


On a scorching hot Saturday, The Greens hit the streets of Cherrybrook and among residents surveyed found overwhelming support for their petition demanding the NSW government make public their development plans for the new Cherrybrook metro station.

Hornsby Shire Councillor Emma Heyde and Greens candidate for Berowra Monica Tan collected signatures for a petition calling on the state government to release development plans for the station located in Cherrybrook beside Castle Hill Road between Franklin and Roberts Roads. The petition read, “As a concerned resident, I call on the State Government to publicly release all plans for the Cherrybrook station precinct including how many apartments will be built, how high they will be, and how many new parking spaces will be created. It is unfair and unjust to keep a suburb of 19,000 people waiting six years to find out what is planned for their neighbourhoods.

Cherrybrook resident, Christine Dunand says she signed the petition as she was concerned about overdevelopment. “We moved to this part of Sydney because of its proximity to the rural area. We pay for this privilege by paying high tolls and fares.

People continue to complain about the bottleneck on New Line Road yet as soon as it is agreed that this is upgraded it will open the door for rezoning of the land bounded by Hastings Road and New Line Rd. “If the Cherrybrook precinct is undertaken for major development this will be the beginning of the sprawl into our rural area.”

Dunand was also concerned about the possibility of changes to bus routes. “We currently have a very good bus service in Cherrybrook. I am very concerned we will lose this when the rail is opened and we will be forced to use the metro, just like when the Lane Cove tunnel was opened and lanes on Epping Road were reduced forcing traffic into the tunnel.”

Tan said the lack of transparency and community consultation throughout the construction of Cherrybrook station has been a consistent hallmark of the Liberal-National state government. “Everyone knows that government is planning high rise for Cherrybrook. Residents have a right to see these plans and find out what infrastructure will be provided to support massive population increases,” said Ms Tan.

Other community concerns around the Cherrybrook Station precinct include:

∞ Where new parking places will be created in the station precinct

∞ How local road infrastructure will cope with the increase in cars

∞ How many new classrooms will be built to accommodate new students

∞ How public health services will be upgraded to cater to new residents

∞ How many new mature trees will be planted to compensate for particulate pollution.

For more information contact Monica Tan on 0425 243 750.