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Cherrybrook Station


Residents were given a sneak preview of the new Cherrybrook Station on Sunday 10th February.

Several of the ‘driverless’ trains were running so residents were able to see the operation of the glass safety barriers which are located at the edge of the station platforms. Planned to open mid 2019, many residents are keen to find out if the opening of the Sydney North West Metro will affect the bus services currently running.

A letter from Transport NSW on 13th December 2011 stated that ‘the North West Rail Link will ease bus congestion in the Sydney CBD, removing 160 buses from the centre of the city in the morning peak….” “Ms Berejiklian said Transport for NSW data showed the line would see the number of M2 buses coming into the centre of Sydney fall by 66 per cent”. Whilst we understand the newly opened station will mean some commuters will take the train option, we hope there will be a period where commuters get to decide which option is quicker for them.

With the increase in commuters from the new high rise developments and the release areas in Box Hill/Kellyville, we might very well need all existing and new bus and train to cater for the increase in commuters. If you are concerned about the reduction in buses, we have an election coming on 23rd March – its a great time to air your views to your local state representative and get some firm commitments.

You can read the full Transport for NSW letter on our facebook page (www.facebook.com tab. )