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Community Rallies For Drought Resistance

Tahlia Grace from Galston High School felt that she wanted to help local farmers who were suffering through the drought.

Her mum, local business owner Simone Cowan, from Chicken Fish in Glenorie, suggested they put a call out to the community for assistance, then they could drive up and provide what they could.

Once the call when out, donations started flooding in. Their first drought assistance went to a small village 2 hours out of Dubbo called Marthaguy.

They took 2 trucks of hay and stock feed and raised money to buy vouchers from the local shops. This took place in October last year. Then they moved onto a second run, this time to Forbes. With the help of some Channel 9 advertising, Facebook campaigns, and stories running in the Galston Glenorie & Hills Rural News, more locals got involved.

The next drought runs left Glenorie for Forbes on Saturday 25th January and involved an amazing convoy of 35 trucks, 4 utes and 30 people volunteering their time.

When we asked Simone, from Chicken Fish Takeaway in Glenorie, how the next drought assistance was organised, she said: “So many locals helped both with donations and financial support.

Special thanks must go to the big-hearted great man Brian Weinart and his lovely wife Vicki for coming alongside and arranging the trucks and assistance with loading, and many donations, Mark Hinton who help support me and this idea, the amazing Sakkal family for their contribution, Amos Vaughn, and Glenorie Stockfeeds, D&G Stockfeeds, Camille Alexander for her undying support, Kellie and Tony Marsden for standing by me all the way.

Thanks also to Borthwick & Pengilly Asphalts. , W Residential. Chris and Carolyn Sultana. Martin Morris and Jones Real Estate Wollongong. Ace Ohlsson, Wayne Macauley Cedex. , James Hermon and Family, Andrew and Allison Baildon, Heidi and Russell Scott, Dave Pursell, Big Dave, Startrack, David Ives, Byron Schwebel, Daniel Campbell, Louise Taylor and Sheryl Hookham for their support.

Thanks also to Glenorie Public School for their multi-day fundraiser, Oakhill Drive Public School who donated food hampers, Galston Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Lions Club and Glenorie RSL for their support too.

So many people have been so generous. Who would have thought all this could happen from one high school student who wanted to do something to help the farmers? The support received from this community and beyond, has been just outstanding As they say, ‘From little things, big things grow’.

With all the attention recently going, quite rightly, to the devastating bushfires. It’s not surprising we have taken our eyes off the farmers, but they are and will be struggling for a long time. We must not forget them.

We have raised over $120,000 in animal feed, food and groceries and water for the farmers themselves, not to mention fuel, and we have raised several thousand dollars which we will buy vouchers at the local shops in Forbes, to help support them too. We recently sent a truckload of hay to a farmer in SA to help them.

We hope to be able to do this more often. Simone and Tahlia will be organising another trip later this year, so your support is always welcomed.

Financial support to their charity ‘Our Plate to their Paddock’ can be given by direct credit to:

Bendigo Bank Galston, BSB 633-000 Account number 169 724 689.

They also have a GoFundMe page. Search Our Plate to their Paddock. You can follow events on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/Our- Plate-To-Their-Paddock

You can watch a video of the trucks leaving Glenorie on the Galston News