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Creators Of Peace


A group which meets in Galston six times a year is working towards peace by listening.At the Creators of Peace Hills’ Network’s November meeting Paz Romanspoke about peace in relation to the refugee experience.

Paz was born in Chile in the ’80s.Her name means ‘peace’, because her mother had seen in a dream one night a little girl leading her to peace.When Paz was two, the family fled torture under Pinochet’s dictatorship for asylum in Australia, with help from an Australian missionary.The family is grateful for the new lease of life Australia gave them, and Paz recalls a happy childhood amidst nature in the Aussie bush.

During her teenage years though, she grieved a lack of belonging and questioned what true ‘Australian’ identity is.During trips back to Chile, she felt she belonged neither there nor here.

She also spoke to us of how transgenerational trauma passed on from her parents led to conflicts within her.Paz has sound peace in her work as a counsellor to asylum seekers and refugees, especially using art therapy.

‘I found a piece of my story in their stories,’ she told us.

The first Hills Creators of Peace event for 2019 will be on Sunday 17th February between 2pm-4pm at the RSL LifeCare Rowland Village, 301-305 Galston Rd, Galston.New members are always welcome.

To contact the group to find out more visit [email protected] The website is https://au.iofc.org/creators-of-peace