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Dural Musical Society’s The Addams Family

Dural Musical Society’s The Addams Family
Book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice
Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa
Based on Characters Created by Charles Addams

So many of us have watched the antics of the ‘The Addams Family’ on our TV sets as we were growing up, and we probably didn’t even consider that at some stage Wednesday and her younger brother Pugsley would start to mature. 

Perhaps the last thing you would expect is for Wednesday to bring home a boy and his parents to meet her family. Well, that is exactly where we pick up with The Addams Family in this delightfully amusing musical – Wednesday announces that she has a friend who is a boy called Lucas, and he is bringing his parents to dinner. Then she requests that the family behave like “normal” people do. To find out just how “normal” the Addams Family can be, you’ll need to come along and find out for yourselves.

Don’t miss Gomez and Morticia, Wednesday and Pugsley, Uncle Fester and Grandma, and of course, Lurch the butler, in a show that will leave you thinking that perhaps you do have a normal family after all.

The team of Kate Gandy, Mandy Winter and Camilla Bellstedt as Director, Chroreorapher and Musical Director respectively, is a new DMS combination. It is a team that brings experience from
shows with DMS and also a range of other companies. Mandy is an experienced choreographer, and
while Kate has been our Musical Director before, this is her first experience as a Director – and for ur
experienced orchestra member Camilla, this is a ‘first’ in terms of Musical Direction.

This relatively young and enthusiastic production team are bringing the Addams Family out of the two dimensions
of your television set and into your three dimensional world. For your entertainment, they bring to life not only the Addams Family, but also their ancestors.

So get away from your flat screen and videos for a few hours – book your tickets now as they are selling quickly – this is a show that you will enjoy. Take a trip to New York and the ancestral home of “The Addams Family” to meet them and their ancestors. Why not arrange a group of friends to come along “dressed for the occasion” – after all it is getting close to Halloween and you may even get a rize for the “best costume”. Or, just turn up like Lucas and his family – as ‘normal’ people! Whatever you do, and whatever you wear – don’t miss this show.

Bookings through our website: www.duralmusicalsociety.org