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The Rural Fire Service hosted the annual GET READY WEEKEND with over 600 events held by Brigades across NSW and, judging by Facebook posts, this was largely well received by the community. The main theme of the campaign was to prompt communities and property owners / residents to make, or review their Bush Fire Survival Plan, should a bush fire start in their general area.

The second theme, being prepared to minimise the threat and impact of fire to property. According to RFS statistics, 69% of owners / residents have prepared a Plan, which is a great achievement. The concern is why the remainder have not done so. For those living in high fire risk zones and surrounding areas, if you believe that you don’t need a plan because you will just leave, think about how you would answer the following:

• At which point will you leave and what will you take?

For those living along Quarry Rd, Dural; think of the traffic congestion during school peak hours. Triple this with everyone else trying to leave at the same time. • Do you have all your important documents easily accessible to take with you, or saved on a disk?

• If you have school age children and you’re at work; how and where will they go? How will you communicate this to them?

• If you have animals; how will they fair?

• In worst case scenario and you can’t get back to your house for several days; where will you stay?

Leaving early is a good strategy, provided you have a good Plan. That’s why the emergency services advises you to prepare a survival plan. It doesn’t take long and Fire & Rescue NSW, and The Rural Fire Service will assist with assessing your property, as well as giving advice with your Bush Fire Survival Plan. Kits are available online at https:// www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/plan-and-prepare/ bush-fire-survival-plan Take a moment to:

• View the current media release: https://www.facebook.com/nswrfs/ videos/109931689911709/ which highlights the issues raised above.

• Download the “Fires Near Me” APP. It can now be configured to alert you if there is a fire in your area.