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Dural Urban Capability and Capacity Assessment


Council resolved to commence an investigation into the capability and urban capacity of Dural in April 2017

In February 2019 Council received the final ‘Urban Capability and Capacity Assessment’ (“Phase 1”) for the Dural/Round Corner locality.

The need for this assessment arose, in part, due to a number of landowner initiated planning proposals which were submitted to Council in the absence of any holistic or coordinated approach to planning for the area.

The Assessment is the first step in the process of determining whether or not the area is suitable to be pursued as an urban land release.

It consists of high-level environmental studies as well as infrastructure capacity assessment intended to identify any significant constraints likely to prevent orderly urban development from occurring.

The full Minutes of the Council Meeting about this report is available at the Hills Shire Council website, or on our website and facebook page.

There is much more detail in how assessments were made in relation to the environment, road capacity, infrastructure capacity and strategic context laid out in the Central City District Plan (ie Urban development is not consistent with the values of the Metropolitan Rural Area; Rural residential development is not an economic value of the District’s rural areas and further rural residential development is generally not supported).