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Even Through the Dark

In October, 2016, Richard decided to start writing a book detailing his experiences and learned life lessons.
‘Even Through the Dark’ was written as a not-for-profit endeavour, and all proceeds are to be donated to beyond blue (The National Depression Initiative).

“I didn’t want to financially gain from my personal experiences; that wasn’t the point of all this. The main theme and driving force behind this book is that of community, and the important roles that we each play in each other’s lives. Our lives are inextricably intertwined; a cluster of overlapping strings that can’t be untangled.
Seven billion individuals all searching for meaning, yet we find that meaning only in each other. We’re all that we know, so far, in this universe; we’re all stardust and echoes in the wind—how beautiful it is that we don’t have to experience this life alone.”
For anyone diagnosed with depression, the words encapsulated in this book may feel familiar, even uncanny.
Emotion slips over emotion as honesty rules, delivering a portrait of depression that is both stark and hopeful. Richard Christopher Gatenby takes the reader on a journey of his life and experiences with depression, exposing the shadows in a world far too many of us have come to recognise.
Even Through the Dark sets out to remind us of one profound and powerful truth—you are not alone.

Even Through the Dark can be purchased for $44 (including postage) from Richard’s website, which can be found here: https://eventhroughthedark.com