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A family tribute to a local businessman

July the 4th is a significant date in the Pelleri family for it was on this date 80 years ago that their much loved and respected husband, father, and grandfather, and founder of the Lindus Dry Cleaners, was born.

Serge’s parents were Italian immigrants who worked as sugar cane farmers in the far north Queensland town of Ingham.

As his mother passed away when he was 13 years old, and because his father contracted tuberculosis, Serge was sent to work at a young age. He found a position at the Paris Timber Mill in Ingham, where he worked hard for a number of years, living in a shed with no comforts, no electricity and just a camp bed.

Ingham was not destined to be his home, for in May 1960, while visiting his Nona in Kings Cross, Serge decided to put down roots in Sydney.

Over the next three years, two more important events took place. Firstly, having bought his first house in Merrylands, the year prior Serge opened his first dry cleaning store in that local area. The second, and arguably the most important, was his marriage on July the 27th 1963 to Margaret Barnett.

They say that behind every great man is an even greater woman, and Margaret has been by Serge’s side every step as the business grew.
After the birth of his first two children, Peter in 1965 and Annabelle two years later, Carlingford was chosen as the location for his second shop, thus adding to his booming dry cleaning business.

Four years on, in 1973, Serge opened a third shop, this time in Epping.
Within this same year, the family moved into their newly built home in Dural.

More stores were added to their burgeoning Lindus business; Galston 1976, Dural 1978, Castle Towers 1985, North Sydney 1986, Spit Junction 1986, Waverton 1986, Manly 1988, Beecroft 1988, Pennant Hills 1988, Thornleigh 1990, Castle Hill Industrial Area 1991,Hornsby 2007, Bella Vista 2007 and Dural New Line Road 2017.

Today, most of these stores are still operating under the Lindus banner. Serge is still active within the business, and inspires and charms all whom he meets because of his strong integrity, determination, community spirit and unwavering work effort.

Serge celebrates his 80th birthday with the family he is proud of; Margaret, his two children, their partners Gregory and Rachael and five grandsons Luke, Bryce, Austin, Lawrence and Nelson. Serge has lived a full and prosperous life and his family and friends acknowledge him for his tenacity in making his vision a reality. They are proud of the man he is, what he has accomplished and the richness he brings to their lives.

Happy 80th birthday Selgio Pelleri