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Foster Care Angels


If you are a foster carer, we are running two initiatives to assist with your wellbeing.

One is our Carer Conference which is a 2 night all inclusive retreat for foster carers. Held on the NSW Central Coast in 5 star accommodation, the fully catered event provides foster care related interactive workshops as well as an onsite counsellor for private and confidential appointments. Our next Conference is November 2019.

Interested carers, please contact Foster Care Angels on 9899 6006 or their caseworker. Secondly, on 20th March, we launched our new suite of training courses. Carer retention is a priority for the NSW foster care system. Research shows that one of the most common reasons for carers exiting the system is the effect fostering has on their biological children, however no training or support currently exists for biological children in a foster family.

Our training packages for biological children include Managing Expectations of Fostering, Coping With The Challenges of Fostering and Coping With Placement Ending. We also have new training programs for foster carers.

For more information, please contact Wendy at Foster Care Angels on 9899 6006.