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Friends Of Glenhaven Security

By Michael Albrecht

Due to the recent spate of incidents in and around Glenhaven, the Friends of Glenhaven (FOG) are currently working closely with Highland Security around potential security patrols of the area.

Highland Security have a great reputation in the security services industry over the past 38 years and have also implemented a similar service in another suburb over a decade ago with success.

Highland Security is also a local business that resides in Glenhaven with a 24 x 7 control room located in Castle Hill.

The consideration of implementing security patrols is simply a numbers game. The more that sign up, the better the coverage and the lower the cost. FOG is looking to start the service immediately and as stated on their Facebook site, Highland Security has been running nightly patrols for the past week.

Initially, FOG see this service running for at least 12 months. At the 9 month mark, they will review and decide if the service should continue.

FOG know we have followers outside of Glenhaven, therefore we will accept applications for those in the immediate area, which means streets that run off Glenhaven into neighbouring suburbs. FOG ideally need a minimum number, if that number is 200 unless we achieve 200 this will not go ahead. Patrols will only visit and monitor “paid members” homes.

If you are interested, please assume the cost per annum is $400, this will come down but until we have exact numbers we will not know the exact cost.

Every paid member will have a plaque mounted in their driveway or similar location that is visible from the street. FOG believe 3 patrols per night is the minimum number. Other benefits include 24 x 7 access to the 1800 number in the control room for incident response.

What do you need to do from here if you are interested? Send an email to: [email protected] au with your name, address and mobile number.

Nothing will happen with the above information, FOG will communicate with you first before anything does commence.