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Galston Open Gardens

The Galston Garden Club is proud to announce that NINE outstanding gardens will be open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on Friday October 16th to Sunday October 18th. Admission is $20 for all gardens, the ticket being valid for the three days, or $5 for individual gardens. All the gardens this year are different from those opened last year, and all proceeds are distributed to a wide range of charities. Tickets and map are available on the open days outside the Galston Club or at any of the gardens.

Garden 1:   14  Odette Road, Dural

Garden 2:   479  Galston Road, Dural

Gardens 3 and 3A:   20  Cotswold Road, Dural

Garden 4:   28  Glen Street, Galston

Garden 5:   21  Fishburns Road, Galston

Garden 6:   1A  Halls Road, Arcadia

Garden 7:   20  Wylds Road, Middle Dural

Garden 8:   4  Henstock Road, Arcadia

The Royal Horticultural Society will be holding a major flower show in the Galston Community Centre on the Saturday and the Sunday. So reserve this weekend for a relaxing and inspiring time, while supporting many worthy causes. Further details are available at galstongardenclub.com.au .