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Hear Clear Free Seminar

Technology is a growing part of our lives.

Mobile phones, computers and television but the good news are that manufacturers are now providing easy to use features that will improve your listening experience.

We have 20 simple ideas that have made a huge difference in the lives of our clients and we want you to know about them too.

Here are some examples that you can do for yourself. Anne recently moved into an aged care facility. She now relies on her mobile phone to communicate.

We set it up to work on speakerphone, every time. No more trying to remember where to change the settings. She is thrilled to be able to keep in touch with her friends and family.

Eric, on the other hand, loves watching current affairs on television. His blasting TV was annoying his neighbours. We introduced him to the Sennheiser TV listening device and he now watches his news programs without disturbing anyone else.

Louisa loves going out to dinner with friends. While her hearing aid is programmed to reduce background noise, she struggled with fiddly controls. We put a program on her phone which means she can simply adjust the volume and settings using her mobile phone.

Whatever you love to do, whomever you want to spend time with, we have lots of simple ideas that can make your life less stressful and improve the way you communicate and connect to your world. Book into our free community seminar today.

When: Thursday 19 March 2020 10.30 am to 12noon (Light lunch provided)

Where: Hear-Clear Australia, Shop 16, The Village Green, 22-24 Kenthurst Road, Dural.

Bookings are essential: RSVP by 12 March 2020 by phoning 9651 7379