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The peak umbrella organisation in the Hills for services working with victims of domestic violence has set its sights on AVOs (Apprehended Violence Orders) and how to improve their effectiveness before the courts.

The issue was raised at the Network’s annual general meeting on Wednesday, July 18 after an attendee said her husband had breached his AVO eight times until he was refused bail before the courts.

Guest speaker, lawyer Pallavi Sinha, spoke about the recent deaths of teenagers Jack and Jennifer Edwards in West Pennant Hills at the hands of their father following a protracted custody dispute saying it had raised questions for gun law reform.

She said the upcoming Government campaign: Violence Against Women: Let’s Stop It At The Start is aimed at creating a framework of respect at a young age.

She invited Network members to help prepare a public submission to the Joint State and Federal campaign to Stop DV.Aileen Mountifield from the Lisa Harnum Foundation said the lack of government funding for DV services needed to be addressed.The Network has also updated and re-printed nearly 4000 copies of the book Charmed and Dangerous – a guide to reclaiming a healthy relationship. The book also contains a list of support and referral services.

There has also been a very positive response to The Good Men Project which is still on exhibition at Castle Towers.The busy calendar continues with the 2018 White Ribbon March on November 23.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the Network should email [email protected]

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