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Hornsby Quarry Conveyor Belt

I am excited that this month the Hornsby Quarry will take its first soil delivery. Coming from the Northconnex tunnel project, it will be transported through the site on a conveyor belt. 

I recently took a look at the first of the 40 pieces of conveyor equipment that have been delivered to the site, and it is impressive. The $9 million conveyor system will spend the next two years bringing the one million cubic metres of soil from Northconnex trucks right into the quarry.

This particular conveyor system was chosen because it’s a safer more efficient way to deliver the soil, and has little impact ton the surrounding environment.

The Northconnex project will be producing more than 2 million cubic metres of soil, and this opened up an opportunity for us to take some of that soil and use it to fill the quarry. This is a long term project and will take a number of years to complete, but we are currently running on time with projected work.

I am really excited about this project and, once completed, Hornsby will have a massive 45 hectare parkland we can all enjoy. For those who love to mountain bike, work has been completed on stage one of mountain bike trail to ensure it can stay open while construction continues at the quarry. It is currently open for use but, with the rain, we have had recently riders must use caution.

Once this project is finished, Hornsby will have a great parkland area.