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During these times of uncertainty and change as we have today, it is important that as parents we keep children feeling safe and secure and maintain as normal a routine as possible.

We have prepared some easy steps to follow at home to keep your child engaged, learning and having fun. One of the key things we do at Learning Blocks is to ensure the experiences we set up for your child is tailored for them.

At home you can follow 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Take note of your child’s interests. Ask yourself the question is there a topic they are most interested in?

STEP 2: Define experiences where you can extend your child’s interest. This experience may be a craft activity or building and role-playing. Use Resources that you have readily available at home, including cardboard, recycled paper, colour pencils, books etc. During these experiences talk to your child and discuss their interest and relate it to your activity.

STEP 3: Use the activity to enable learning, for instance, to learn skills about numeracy, include counting exercises, or to enhance social skills involving other kids through interactive social technology tools like Facetime and Zoom.

Keep in touch with your current Child Care Centre. At Learning Blocks we are available to families remotely via our app, Facebook, email and phone calls. Lastly, ensure that the activity is always fun, let the experience follow its natural course.

Capture these moments and activities. It is nice to look back later. To learn more about Learning Blocks Child Care Centre Dural or other activities, visit www.learningblocks.com.au or phone 96517700 – email: [email protected] or visit Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LearningBlocksChildCareCentre