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Introducing Rachael


Rachel Hicks has recently joined the Australian Community Inspired Association Inc. volunteering with us at the Well Being Expo on the 2nd September.

ACIA President Bob Waller said it is a pleasure to introduce Rachel, a disability support worker during the week and a children’s entertainer on the weekend. Fuelled by compassion and creativity, her personal mission is to inspire people to live happy, positive life. With a performing arts background and experience in the events industry, she started up her own face painting and children’s party business called Glitter Entertainment.

Realising how much fun it is working with children, she landed an Educator role for a morning and after school care centre at the YMCA. Since then, her ambition to help and inspire people grew stronger. Along with having to experience first-hand the challenges of having a brother with a disability, this has lead her to become a disability support worker through Hire Up.

Working with children and vulnerable people has been insightful as well as fulfilling for Rachel. With a growing love and strong passion to connect with people in a positive way, she is motivated and excited to branch out and continue working in related fields.

“Rachel is a very responsible caring young lady. We are delighted she has joined our association and are grateful for the unselfish and caring volunteering time given, helping us fund raise for the Hills Women’s Shed.

We wish her every success for the future with her fun party business (Facebook Glitter Entertainment).