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Local Author Keith Marlow


Local resident, Keith Marlow has recently published a substantial guide to assist businesses with their online and personal information security.

He was motivated to write the book as he felt that previously published information had not done justice to this topic and he believed, through his experience, he had a unique perspective with some novel ideas and approaches.

Securing business information is hard, as shown by the ongoing multitude of global data breaches of people’s names and addresses, credit cards, passports, etc; resulting in fraud or identity theft. Hackers are having a ball at our personal expense!

Governments, both locally and internationally, have responded by putting in place legislation requiring businesses to both prove they need such information and secure it or face crippling fines for non compliance. For businesses of all sizes this creates a nightmare situation: what is the right way to secure such information? Can it be kept and is it secure on the cloud?

Plus, such personal information is like gold dust to hackers and they only need to succeed once.

To assist businesses and IT professionals out of this dangerous maze Keith Marlow has written the book ‘Personal Information Security and Systems Architecture’ (available online and via your local book store) which takes a practical step by step approach to understanding what personal information a business has, its sensitivity, what regulations apply and what needs doing to secure such information for the long term.

It’s based on over 15 years security experience working with systems of all shapes and sizes, but can be read without requiring prior security experience, as everything is explained from first principles with plenty of references.

If your business uses personal information, there is only question in 2019 that matters – is it really secure?