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Lorien Novalis Students – Australian Youth Climate Change


A group of Lorien Novalis School Year 10 students from Dural were involved in the two-day Climate Justice Summit run by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC).

In late August, 20 plus schools from all over Western Sydney and over 200 students were involved in this conference. Lorien Novalis students learnt about climate justice, climate science and how to take action in the local community.

The conference involved school students in workshops and brainstorming sessions. Lorien students discussed a variety of plans that they can implement locally.

They also got involved in thinking about different people within the local community, and then staged a debate, taking into consideration how those local people might feel about the various issues raised during the conference.

One Lorien student wrote about her experience on the final day: “Day 2 started with a discussion from a panel of people who have had differing impacts on climate justice, and this was incredibly insightful. We then learnt how to tell our personal Climate Justice story, and listened to other students’ stories.

Once again, we worked in our region groups and continued expanding our plans for action in our local area. I encourage everyone to keep an eye out as we have some exciting things brewing. Overall it was a wonderful experience and a privilege to act as ambassadors for Lorien Novalis School, to bring a small part of our school into a wider community.

I hope there will be other opportunities for us to get involved in Climate discussions and actions.” In another initiative, in July this year Lorien Novalis students led by Class 10 held a musical concert they titled ‘Green Beats’.

The event raised money to purchase trees to assist recovery efforts following the bush fires that ravaged areas of Tasmania in January. The aim was to create new homes for animals and to help reduce CO2 out of the atmosphere. Additional donations were earmarked toward the installation of solar panels for our High School buildings, to generate renewable power, working further to reduce the school’s carbon footprint.

This is also in line with the NSW Government ‘Solar Schools Policies’, coincidentally launched by AYCC at the Climate Justice Summit. Steiner Education continues to encompass the well-being of the individual along with academic/artistic progress and task achievement, offering students a safe, balanced environment to develop as strong, creative and purposeful individuals. Lorien Novalis School is proud of our students showing a sense of themselves, as they Learn to Change the World. Lorien Novalis School offers Steiner Education for students Preschool to Year 12. School Insight Days are held each term, upcoming on Saturday 2nd November for Term 4.