Dural and Districs business chamber

Mad Hatters Morning Tea Party


On Friday 2 November 2018, the staff at Anderson Boemi Lawyers hosted a ‘Mad Hatters’ Morning Tea for the local community to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research.

Breast cancer is one of Australia’s most commonly diagnosed forms of cancer, which means that many of us are able to turn our minds to someone specific when the words ‘breast cancer is heard or mentioned. On the day of the Morning Tea, the weather reached a high of 37°, which resulted in a black-out for the duration of the Morning Tea and for many businesses in Round Corner, Dural.

Luckily, there were many cold refreshments and snacks available to persevere through the heat and power outage!

The Morning Tea was attended by the staff at Anderson Boemi Lawyers; some of their clients and colleagues; and many of their friends and fellow workers from other local businesses who were all able to enjoy all the delicious treats available in return for a gold coin donation.

Funds were also raised through tin collections and a raffle draw, and combined with the Morning Tea donations a total of $2,197 was raised. Information supplied by Breast Cancer Network Australia and Breast Screen New South Wales was made available on the day to educate and inform the attendees of breast cancer and early detection strategies.

Anderson Boemi Lawyers would like to sincerely thank their friends, families, and local businesses of the Round Corner Dural community who attended the Morning Tea or made donations.

Your support for their campaign has contributed to a great cause and may have even helped save someone’s life. Donations can still be made to the Anderson Boemi Lawyers campaign for breast cancer by accessing the following link: https://bcna.secure.force.com/Donations/CICDE