Dural and Districs business chamber


Many business owners are grappling with whether to continue marketing during the crisis. Some people think they need to retreat, but that’s not good for their business or for people who still require their services or products.

How you market during the crisis will depend on what phase you’re in and how your prospects are impacted, to make sure you market appropriately.

Case in point, a lender had scheduled television commercials. Although it makes sense for a lender to advertise in a time of financial crisis, it was absolutely not appropriate to advertise the reason for your finances to be stretched as a destination wedding in Fiji!

They alienated those who had their wedding cancelled, had their holidays cancelled, those who love Fiji, desperately want to go and can’t. You’ve alienated a lot of people and not won any friends, so please make sure your marketing makes sense at this crazy time!

What should you be marketing? Think about how you can help people now. How can you make their life better, and when we come out of it, how will they remember you?

Additionally, you can market products and services that will help them and are still required. For instance, if you are a plumber, people need to know you’re still up and running, so if they have a problem with their plumbing, they know yes, you’re still working. Don’t make it hard for people to find this out. Keep visible but do it in a considered manner.

A benefit of the crisis is that the NSW Government funded Business Connect service is currently at no cost. You get the full 34 hours of the service at no cost, including one on one advice and webinars including low-cost marketing. Please take advantage of this!

Please make sure you check your keywords. Keywords in a crisis may differ from normal times. For instance, the search for landscape designers may plummet as people are not sure if they have the money to spend.

However, landscaping may be skyrocketing in the Google searches because people are in their gardens more.