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Mia Walk In Her Shoes

Mia Fantini, aged 11 years, recently completed CARE Australia’s Walk In Her Shoes. Between 22nd -27th October Mia walked over 30km to raise money for disadvantaged girls.

3 years ago Mia discovered that there are girls her age and younger living in disadvantaged communities where they walk 6km per day to collect clean water, have limited or no school supplies and often are unable to attend school and receive an education.

So she joined up with CARE Australia’s Walk In Her Shoes and for the last 3 years has walked and raised a total of over $5000 which has helped to send over 20 girls to school.

Mia says “I believe because these girls are disadvantaged and we pretty much have everything we should be helping them out!”. This year Mia’s school and local community got behind her and she had many friends join her on her early morning walks!

Mia’s Fundraising page closes on December 2nd 2018: https://secure.carewihs.org.au/registrant/FundraisingPage. aspx?EventID=50671&RegistrationID= 1229452&Referrer=direct%2fnone