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Mobile Swim School – Learn Safety Around the Pool This Summer

Mobile Swin School
Hayden Hinds-Sydenham 

Like every child growing up, I loved the simplest things in life, Disney movies, classic films, video games, and all types of sports, especially outdoor ones. Still today, these simple ways of passing the days, I still love doing.

I established Splashes Mobile Swim School as I believe there was an opportunity for families and friends to learn to swim together, but also to learn water safety in their own pool.  

As an honest, genuine, and positive person, I love to teach in a way that reflects me and my beliefs. I feel my teaching methods bring out two things that I really match my personality and passion – meeting people and swimming.

I have had many coaches throughout my past 14 years of swim training, and in that time two or three of them were not just coaches, they became big brothers or best friends in time of need (in and out of the water). Swimming is not a lonely sport but a very supportive one, and I am proving this now, as I start Splashes.

If I can provide a life skill for one or multi students, in a fun but relaxed environment, then the business, in my eyes, is successful. I have been blessed by my family with incredible opportunities to live my life to the fullest both in and out of the water and I want to provide challenges for those who fear the water and provide an outlet for those who are struggling and can find comfort in the water and in me.