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Northholm Embraces the Inaugural Metro Minds Steam Challenge


Northholm is particularly proud of a group of Year Nine and Year Ten students who entered the inaugural Metro Minds STEAM Challenge which involved students showcasing the ability to solve an authentic challenge or harness an opportunity related to Sydney’s biggest public transport project. The School was very excited when it received news that out of over 30 applications, the Northholm Grammar School Team was selected as one of five finalists with their Metro Messenger app.

What is STEAM? It is simply an acronym used in the educational world to represent the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) concepts integrated with the Arts (STEAM) across the wider curriculum.

Working collaboratively and creatively, it involves a group of learners who investigate scientific concepts through inquiry and problem-based learning methods.

The finalist event took place on 6 August 2018, where the five teams pitched their innovation live to a panel of Sydney Metro decision makers and responded to questions (both planned and impromptu) from the panel and the audience. Congratulations to Joseph Clemmit, Elyssa Freame, Liam Hogarth, Ling Chi Ambrose Hon and Raymond Huynh, and also to Mr Waldron for encouraging and supporting the students with this project.

Northholm was awarded third place for their “Metro Messenger” app concept that allows people who can’t speak English and are unfamiliar with the Sydney Metro network to chat with someone in their native language who is local to help them navigate their way or answer other questions.

The messenger service can maintain anonymity and uses a rating system similar to Uber and Opal discounts for active helpful and highly rated users. The app includes the ability to translate signs, top up an opal card and find out when the next train is arriving.