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Northholm Grammar School LEADERSHIP INDUCTION

On Monday 14 October, Northholm Grammar School had the honour of hosting the Service of Dedication and Commissioning of Student Leaders 2019-2020.

The Service was led by Rev. Dr. Grant Bell. Northholm would like to congratulate the 2019-2020 elected Leaders and we look forward to working together in the year ahead. 

Northholm is committed to fostering and developing opportunities for student leadership and student agency. Students have the capacity to develop their leadership skills through the following environments:


  • Encouraging students to develop and share their own opinions about current issues and to engage in debates, discussions and critique of those issues.
  • Engaging students in conversations and decisions about class rules, behavioural boundaries, expectations and about teaching and learning.


  • Engaging students as school ambassadors or representatives beyond the school.
  • Opportunities for students in peer support, buddying, mentoring or coaching programs.
  • Engaging students as prefects or in other forms student leadership within the school. THE COMMUNITY
  • Enabling students to develop and implement community-based projects, possibly in partnership with other agencies, to enhance and support learning.
  • Inviting students to engage with local government and the wider community. Northholm’s School Principal Mr Christopher Bradbury states, “The purpose of education is about the holistic development of our young men and women. Academic excellence (scholarship) is an important component of this narrative, however it must be strongly connected to the social, emotional, physical and spiritual development (Excellence and Character) of each person”.