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On 9 July 2019 The Hills Shire Council endorsed for Gateway Determination the rezoning of 21 hectares of land at Old Northern Road & Derriwong Rd, Dural from RU6 to R2 Low Density. The Planning Proposal sought to expand the rural village between Round Corner and the Dural village centre.

On 19th April 2020, this application for Gateway approval was refused by NSW Planning.

We understand the developer has now amended the application and is seeking a review of the Gateway Refusal to only proceed with 101 houses on the Northern end of the site on blocks of 600m2.

Further details on this gateway application can be found at http://leptracking.planning.nsw.gov.au/ proposaldetails.php?rid=6226

Note: Only Northern Site is proposed now

Figure 1
Locality Plan – Planning Proposal 23/2016/PLP
(outlined in yellow)