Dural and Districs business chamber

Our Distribution

Last month we introduced you to our sales and editorial team. This issue, we cover our distribution team. 

Our Postie Bike Riders Ben and Paul ride our delivery bikes, they are not contractors, they are our employees. Our door to door distribution to the acreage areas of Glenhaven, Dural, Kenthurst and Annangrove, means they travel over 500 kms each month.

It’s a vast area with long roads and interesting mailboxes. The door to door distribution to the acreage areas takes around 4 days to complete. We have some helpful local community places where we leave boxes so the boys can top up on route.

Our Walkers
We employ our own walkers for the residential areas of Glenhaven and Cherrybrook. Walkers employed by the big distribution companies tend to deliver over 10+ items at a time, and our paper would get lost inside this ‘bulk’ delivery (which so often, due to its size, is just thrown in the resident’s bin). So we use our own walkers who just deliver the Dooral Roundup. (Occasionally an additional flyer might be included if a local business requests delivery from us.) This ensures our magazine is not thrown in the bin with other ‘junk’ mail. It means our advertisers get seen.

Our total distribution is a mix of door to door and bulk drops at shopping centres. Our bulk drops are aimed at people coming to shopping centres who live in areas beyond our distribution, so we capture a market further afield. Magazines who only use bulk dropping at shopping centres get a limited penetration into an area, as research shows that only 1 in 10 shoppers pick up a magazine.

As you can see from the above, we take the distribution of the Dooral Roundup very seriously as it affects the response rate our advertisers receive. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be here to promote all our community information, if it wasn’t for our advertisers. We owe it to them to get the best possible response for their advertising dollar.

Please tell our advertisers that you see their ads in the Dooral Roundup, use their services where you can. If you support a local business you are also supporting a local family.