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Our Multicultural Community in Harmony

Concert Unites Local Volunteers in Support of Aussie Farmers
Almost $2,000 has been raised from the event and donations are still being accepted. The total amount (100%) of donations received will be receipted by Aussie Helpers Ltd and is tax deductible and without any admin costs. 
ACIA President Bob Waller said The Concert of Colour was a multicultural event dedicated to helping our Aussie Farmers – Sadly, it is an unknown fact by many, the suicide rate of our Aussie farmers is the highest of any occupation in Australia and numbers reported are averaging two a week. It is one of several ways we intend to show our rural farmers the very multicultural city folk do care and that the words ‘No Farmers No Food effects everyone. Both the Hon Ray Williams Minister for Multiculturalism and Disability Services and Rev Lorna Magen, the Advocate and Sydney representative for Aussie Helpers Ltd, expressed their praise and congratulated Bob and the ACIA Management Team for the wonderful initiative that brought the community together for such an important cause. Rev Lorna said, “The cohesion and diversity of support from within the local community was a beautiful feature of the event.” The concert brought together some wonderful local artists to support international rock legend Lucky Starr. TV personality Mike Bailey was the Master of (entertainment) Ceremonies for the event.
Local performances included the Cherrybrook Technology High School Big Band lead by CTHS Teacher Anthony Felton, PCYC President Peter Kirkwood playing and telling the story of the didgeridoo, dances from Ricky Ng’s Cherrybrook Dance Group, a flute performance by Pavini Chanana , ‘Suspended’ a local vocal and rhythm guitar group with Daniel Patterson as their lead followed by Kathak Indian Classicial dancing by the Ruchi Sangi Dance group before a wonderful wrap up of the evening by Lucky Starr. The Aussie Helpers, Positive Vibes Foundation, Community Migrant Resource Centre, Cherrybrook WPH Lions Club, support agency ‘At the Corner’ and ACIA Inc. conducted community information stalls while happy photos were being taken.
Another highlight of this very ‘multicultural’ evening was the presentation by the Hon Ray Williams Minister for Multiculturalism and Disability Services to the Positive Vibes Foundation (PVF) Board Member Mario Rodrigues for the wonderful community work they have undertaken(since establishment a little over 2 years ago) in collaboration with Community Migrant Resource Centre, ‘At the Corner’ and the Hills Shire Council. The PVB Board and other committee members are also diverse in culture and share the common objective with ACIA of ‘engaging people in community events.

In addition to our volunteering performers special thanks need to be extended to our event sponsors including; Dural Music Centre, Kit Ferry, Castle Hill Country Club, WPH Sports Club, Woolworths, Cherrybrook Village, Next Generation, North & Co Menswear, Cod’s Gift, La Carretta, the IABBV Hindi School, Dooral Roundup and Galston Community News. Extra special is the sponsorship by Alex and Ben Miesch from Dural Music Centre – they provide us with all necessary music sound and system equipment and assist personally with the setting up of our musical events.
President Bob Waller said a big vote of thanks needed to go to the ACIA’s all Australian but very culturally diverse committee members Linda Hua, Barbara Ward, Ken Yap, Kamran Keshavarz, Kandy Wong, Mala Mehta, Pearly Poe Wong and the wonderful team of volunteers who stepped up on the night.
Email or phone Bob on [email protected] or 0438410030 if you would like more information on the ACIA social or management activities including future fundraising efforts for the Aussie Farmers.