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A great bathroom can be so much more than the place you get ready to rush out the door in the mornings. Perfectly designed for both functionality and beauty, your bathroom should be a space you enjoy for relaxing, unwinding and pampering yourself. So when planning for a remodel, consider the following points. 

Layout – Try to come together on a design that suits everyone likely to use the bathroom in your home. Do you want a single or double bowl vanity? Do you want a shower over bath or a separate shower? Can you turn some spare space into an en- suite? 

Get Several Quotes – It is recommended that you get several quotes when renovating your bathroom and that you feel comfortable with your communication and the professional approach of the company you have chosen. Cheapest is not always best; trust between you and your renovation company should be a high priority. 

When renovating on a tight budget, keeping the same layout is a good idea so that plumbing moves are not required.

However, if there are any issues with the plumbing or wiring, and they need to be replaced, you could take the opportunity to be more inventive with your layout. Make sure to get some advice on this when getting your quotes to avoid surprises later.

Keep it Simple, Contemporary or Modern – When you are choosing the specifics of your style and design, it is important to keep things modern and simple. This ensures your style doesn’t become prematurely outdated, which is particularly crucial if you are likely to sell in the near future.

Create the Perfect Lighting and Mood – Bathrooms often end up in a space without access to natural light. So getting the correct lighting is important. It is good to choose a range of options for different moods.

Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your existing bathroom or some modest refurbishment to give it a more contemporary feel, Sydney Styles Bathrooms and Kitchens can provide professional, high quality design and installation services, as well as a huge selection of products and accessories, all at highly competitive prices.

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