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Place Of Worship Refused


Another Sydney Central City Planning Panel meeting was held on Thursday 22nd August at the Castle Hill RSL to hear submissions on the proposed Place of Worship at 1 Larapinta Place Glenhaven. The auditorium was standing room only.

The community lead a very considered campaign and were mindful not to be discriminary in their submissions. The panel heard from 39 speakers from both sides. After nearly 5 hours, no decision was given on the night, but was promised within 7 days.

On 28th August the Planning Panel gave their determination. It was unanimously refused on the following grounds: (Full transcript is availabe on our face-book/website) 

1 The panel believed there was a real prospect that the patronage would be greater than forecast due to the size of the development.

2 Application was incomplete, buildings higher than local LEP and no application made to vary

3 Proposal is of an excessive intensity and would have adverse noise, traffic and parking implications.

4 Proposal is inconsistent with RU6

5 Subject site is not suitable for proposed development as its located in a cul-de-sac in a quiet rural residential area. Site area is small in relation to size of development. Sewage effluent area is insufficient

6 Road access is unsatisfactory

7 Panel resolved to write to Council seeking its assistance to find a more suitable location.

Consideration was also given to al the written and public hearing submissions made by members of the community and these were listed in the findings.

The applicant now can decide if they wish to take the matter to the Land and Environment Court, so the matter is not over yet.

Hills Council also had a Planning Proposal to amend The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 to prohibit places of public worship within the RU6 Transition zone (6/2018/PLP).

Submissions closed on 30th August but if Council receive lots of community submissions, they often accept late submissions.