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“A great community environment is crucial in supporting a great quality of life…”

We often wonder what is in store for us in the coming years… not just for ourselves but for our children and their children, where it concerns our community and the place we live in.

We are indeed very lucky to live in these beautiful suburbs surrounded by bushy landscapes, infrastructure and good public amenities. In fact, most of us chose to live here specifically for these reasons, a great place to live in and to bring up our children.

Inappropriate and overdevelopment are currently so widespread in so many suburbs causing indiscriminate damage to public infrastructure and amenities.

From overcrowded schools and playing fields to congested local and regional road networks, from lost bushy landscapes and lost blue skies to concrete jungles with congested skylines. We do not want Cherrybrook and West Pennant Hills to suffer the same fate as Castle Hill and Epping.

It is our responsibility to ensure our community environment is protected and enhanced through residents’ solidarity. Many voices speak much louder than one voice – Join local community organisations that share these values and help make a difference.

46 Tower development in Cherrybrook revives! “Colossal plans to transform humble homes into 46 highrise towers ranging from two to 16 storeys in height – shot down by The Hills Shire Council last year – have been revived.

But the multi-million dollar proposal, which would see dozens of towers stretch along Castle Hill Rd from Highs Road to Coonara Ave, Cherrybrook, has been revived by To place with a rezoning review submitted to NSW Planning” (Above extracts from ‘To place revives tower plans, Hills Shire Times, 22 January 2020 by Jake McCallum).

The submission to NSW Planning may result in a gateway determination. If granted, a gateway approval will contain technical studies requirements and conditions that must be met before any amendments can be implemented to the local environmental plan, including extensive assessment and community consultation. It may take a couple of months for this gateway process to be completed.

However, we cannot wait for this to happen but must act now to lobby our State Politicians to retain the area’s low-density residential zoning in Cherrybrook Precinct – NO medium to high rise rezoning! I will continue to keep you posted… In the meantime, send me an email with your insight.

Residents’ Vision for Cherrybrook Train Station Precinct:

i. Government land (immediately surrounding the station) residential development be limited to three storeys high and must blend with the unique character of the area.

ii. Land external to government land to retain its low-density residential zoning. NO medium to high-density rezoning. I would be pleased to meet with a group of neighbours and local associations on this matter, just let me know.

Cherrybrook Train Station Precinct crosses two borders:

As most of you may already be aware but to re-iterate:

• The Precinct (pictured above) is an established low-density residential area that covers approximately 187 hectares.

• Castle Hill Road is the main road dissecting this. North of Castle Hill Road is Hornsby Shire Council (Cherrybrook) and South is Hills Shire Council (West Pennant Hills).

• The area bounded in blue is the Government Land. It is small, approx. 3.5 hectares of developable land in comparison with the whole precinct. This area consists of the train station as well as proposed commercial and residential development under the authority of the State Government. The red dot is the station.

• At this point in time, the State Government has not yet provided information as to what will be developed within the government land (3.5 hec) area.

• The Cherrybrook Station Structure Plan 2013 envisages rezoning of land to medium to high density up to 6 storeys in prescribed areas within the Precinct and the removal of 350 existing homes.

• Residents’ vision for land external to government land, is to its retain low-density residential zoning. NO medium to high density rezoning.

Existing residents have the ethical right to determine what happens in Cherrybrook and West Pennant Hills. Developers and Bureaucrats do not have these rights.

Our Politicians are voted in to serve existing residents, they are not voted in to serve Developers or Bureaucrats. We have the right to protect our community environment!

Cherrybrook’s local MP Mr Dominic Perrottet (Member for Epping) has already indicated to me privately and publicly that he is opposed to overdevelopment that takes away from the unique character of the electorate.

Whilst he recognises that with train stations comes housing that goes beyond low density he believes that any development must be mutually sympathetic to the interest of residents and the CPA* with whom he will work.

(*Cherrybrook Residents Association) At this stage, I do not know where West Pennant Hills local MP Mr David Elliot (Member for Baulkham Hills) stands on this issue?

I will endeavour to find out and report accordingly, with his consent of course.

Notwithstanding the above, residents will continue to pursue their vision for Cherrybrook Train Station Precinct and work closely with our elected officials to achieve this.