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Salt Therapy in Dural

Salts of the Earth Dural opened its doors on 18th July 2016. It’s the first of the franchise in Sydney, with Sylvania being second.

Owners, Robyn and David, have been delighted by the positive reaction to the business. While some clients can walk from home to the Centre, others come from as far afield as the northern beaches and out west, past Penrith. One family even journeyed from Mudgee for the therapy. 

There are three salt rooms (Adults, Kids and Private), where pharmaceutical-grade, natural salt is infused into the air, to be inhaled and to settle on the skin. Adults can relax and children can play during the 45 minute sessions.

Salts of the Earth Dural is the 19th franchisee in the Salts of the Earth stable. This brand, which began in Victoria, incorporates high technology techniques and a client-focused business model to deliver relief from the symptoms of many respiratory and skin conditions.

Salt Therapy membership has been compared with that of a gym. One visit to the gym doesn’t get you fit, and one salt session won’t overcome the symptoms of a respiratory or skin condition. Consistency is key when it comes to fitness and wellbeing.

To discuss a plan to suit your needs, ring 9651 4396 and book a complimentary consultation with our Salt Therapist.