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Something Special for Seniors…

By Louise Smithers
Every first Tuesday of the month something special happens in Cherrybrook Village Shopping Centre.
Song, laughter and a multitude of Seniors, (well quite a few!) descend upon the centre Morning Tea and professional Entertainment, organised and led by the indomitable Christine Lewis! 

And what happens? Gathered together between 9.30 and 11 for the cost of a cup of coffee, to share a joke and best wishes, maybe a birthday, an update or a welcome back – Christine draws on her exceedingly wide network of speakers and entertainment friends to create a fun morning of music, reminiscence and conviviality.

Many local retirement villages attend, bussing their residents to the entertainment, and using the opportunity to shop independently at Cherrybrook Village’s wide range of shops afterwards. Together with fun and friendship is the opportunity to purchase tickets at Seniors Group prices to the ‘big shows’.

“The group has a country town feel”, says Christine, “and everyone knows everyone!”
This Seniors Prime Time Group is just one of the Seniors Groups this entertainment veteran manages. All over Sydney, Roselands, Rhodes, Chatswood and Macquarie Centre, Christine has been many years doing it all!

What magic she brings to these groups is legendary. She has been known to command quite a soprano note herself and you just wait for her to be invited up to sing along with her old friends, and then real simpatico magic happens, the audiences delight i s evident as they clap and sing along. Just enjoying life…
For more information call Christine Lewis 0411 475 947 email: [email protected] or Cherrybrook Village 9484 8644 www.cherrybrookvillage.com.au