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Sydney Metro Opens!


On the first day of opening, the $7.3bn Sydney Metro Northwest catered for over 140,000 commuters.

The community is clearly keen to try out new methods of getting to work. During the first week, a few areas of over-crowding were reported in change points such as Epping and Chatswood Stations.

Sydney Metro advised they are adjusting train timetables and increasing frequencies to try to cope with the flows. Some commuters also expressed concern about the driverless trains overshooting the train stations and having to reverse to line up with the automatic glass door panels.

Car parking at the metro stations has been another concern for some residents. One commuter reported the car park at Cherrybrook station is filling up by 7.40am, but there was still parking available at Castle Hill Showground car park at 8am. Another resident reported that there were plenty of bike racks available in the car parks for those who wanted to switch to cycling to the station.

Travel times for some residents have been slashed. A resident who lives within walking distance of Cherrybrook Station who works at Epping said her driving travel time to work used to be over 60 minutes. Now it takes her less than 10 minutes.

Sydney Metro also reported high usage of the trains for people who worked within the metro line catchment itself and not going into Sydney. Contactless is now an alternative way to pay for your train, bus and ferry trips. If you have an Amex, Mastercard, Visa, debit card (or a linked device), you can now use it to pay for your travel by tapping on and off at Opal readers.

Standard (peak) Adult Opal fare pricing applies. If you consistently use the same contactless card or linked device to tap on and tap off, you may qualify for Opal daily, weekly and Sunday fare caps but no other Opal benefits apply.

If you’re unsure whether your card is contactless-enabled, check with your card issuer.