Dural and Districs business chamber

Thre3 Brothers Fresh

We welcome you to visit our new store THRE3 BROTHERS FRESH located at Dural Mall, Round Corner.

Gus and Gina have been in fruit and veg retail for 30 years and along the way their three sons, Carlo, Anthony and David grew into the business developing their passion and skills for fruit and veg. They started as young boys packing vegies, going to the market with Gus, and learning the value of what we value greatly in our home…Fresh quality fruit and vegies, good food, and sharing our excitement of it with others.

Over the years, Gus and the boys have grown in many ways through bringing in quality fresh produce that is sourced each morning and carrying through the care in their work at the shop, Whilst Gina concentrates on the creative side of things, with the fine touches in gourmet patters, fruit baskets and fruit gifts.

Our knowledge of fruit and vegetables has also grown into other quality products that we take pride in offering to you,being many goods of our own lifestyle of a Mediterranean way of eating such as quality pastas, cheese, amazing fresh ricotta, continental breads, condiments and many other quality products available. 

We invite you to share our excitement of being in our own local area, bringing our work and home life closer together!

We look forward to seeing you and will keep you posted of updated goods and services which will also be offered!

Gus, Gina, Carlo, Anthony & David.