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Vale John Albert Leeds

Vale John Albert Leeds
21st July 1937 -13th September 2017

John was born on the 21st of July in 1937 and grew  up in the suburb of Croydon. His high school years  were spent at Hurlstone Agricultural college in  Glenfield which was a very long commute by steam  train. 

During his high school years he developed a love of all sport  and especially excelled in both Rugby and Cricket. Fast forward to 1952 when John met Nina. They met as  15 year olds and were always destined to be together. They  married on the 31st August 1956 and recently celebrated their  61st wedding anniversary. 

Their daughter, Susan, arrived in 1957, followed by Greg in  1961 and Andrew in 1970.

1961 saw John move his family to Broken Hill which lasted  6 years. Here John developed an enduring love for the outback,  which never left him. Many new lifelong friends were made  during this time and although the whole family loved “The  Hill”, it was only ever a temporary move. 

In 1967 John and his family moved into a new home in  Jaffa Road, Round Corner, Dural. John opened J and N Smash  Repairs very shortly after. Life was extremely busy for John  and Nina and during those years. John found a few new sports  in which he immersed himself. Water Skiing became another  passion and saw John attended several Bridge to Bridge Ski  races as an observer. Jogging also became a daily ritual for him  in preparation for the annual City to Surf fun run in which  he competed for 15 years. Twice coming in under the hour.

 During John’s time at Round Corner, and a subsequent move  to Kenthurst, he joined Dural Rotary Club. Both he and Nina  were heavily involved for many years with John holding many  positions, including President three times. He was always one  of the first to put his hand up for fundraising, to help in any  way that he and Nina could. We understand he was a bit of a  king of the sausage sizzle !

John received The Paul Harris award, Rotary’s highest  accolade, for ‘service above self ‘ and he certainly earned that  for his tireless work and love of the community spirit that  Rotary promotes. Over the years in Rotary John and Nina  made more lifelong friends and those friendships have been  enduring and very important to them.

On the 13th of September John passed away suddenly.

John, you lived a full life and crammed many things  into your time. You were a true gentleman, a loyal  friend, honest with a deep love for your family and  friends. You were always smiling and had a wicked  sense of humour and loved your family with all your  heart.

You will be sorely missed.