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Welcome to our New Publisher

The Dural & Round Corner Chamber of Commerce has appointed Adelphi Printing Pty Ltd as the new publishers of the Dooral Roundup. Adelphi comes to us with lots of publishing experience having published the Galston, Glenorie & Hills Rural News and the Monthly Chronicle for many years.

This new partnership will deliver improvements to the Dooral Roundup, and will bring considerable benefits to the members of our Chamber and local businesses. Part of our new contract with Adelphi means they will supply a part-time member of staff to the Dural Chamber, allowing us to better support our existing members and provide more services to the business community.

Unfortunately the change-over with our past publisher has not run smoothly. Blue Rock Marketing, the past publisher, has refused to communicate with us or pass over any files, documentation or emails. Instead they are using editorials sent to the Dooral Roundup in a new magazine which they are starting in competition to us.

It appears that our advertisers in the Dooral Roundup were lead to believe this publication was closing and were encouraged to move to this new publication. We are disappointed with the actions of our past publisher.

We would like to extend our considerable thanks to those businesses that have continued to support this publication – we really appreciate it. Yes, we lost a few advertisers, but we have no doubt in the coming months, as the results of our new partnership with Adelphi becomes more apparent, that they will return back to this great publication.

Adelphi Printing has worked with the Chamber for many years. We transferred the delivery and distribution of the Dooral Roundup to Adelphi nearly 4 years ago. This move was undertaken to improve and extend the distribution of the Dooral Roundup by delivering it door to door to all the acreage areas which our publication covers together with the residential areas of Cherrybrook and Glenhaven. As from 1st May, Adelphi will now print 15,000 copies of the Dooral Roundup. The print and distribution with Adelphi is independently vertified, so you can trust our numbers.

Please note the new contact details for the Dooral Roundup: For sales call Diana Paton 0408 011 193 or Mary Ord 0400 363 563 or email [email protected].