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Why do I Need Chlorine in my Salt Water Pool?

Salt water is the most popular method of sanitising pools today but how do they work?

Many people think that because they have a salt water pool they do not need chlorine in their pool at all. A salt chlorinator produces chlorine from the salt in the water.

The electric current which goes through the cell causes an electrolytic reaction which breaks the salt molecules apart and turns it into liquid chlorine and hydrogen gas.

A salt water chlorinator has two main components the power supply and the electrolytic cell.

The power supply is simply a box which is designed to distribute and control the power n the pump and chlorination system. These can sometimes have problems after storms as the printed circuit board can be damaged due to power surges but generally there is little else that goes wrong with them.

The electrolytic cell is the part of the system which does the work. Most these days are self cleaning which means that the power supply reverses the polarity of the cell every few hours of operation to help remove the calcium scale which builds up on the plates in the cell. All cells like a certain amount of salt in the water and it is important to not let the salt level get too high or low as this can cause damage to the plates in the cell and shorten its life.


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